Ultra Thin Silicone Sheet

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Ultra Thin Silicone Sheet

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From £22.23 Exc VAT

Ultra thin silicone rubber film, translucent, (30° shore A hardness).

Offering key pioneering advantages, this new form of presentation greatly extends the reach of high-tech silicone technology. Produced from addition-curing silicone, these films are manufactured under cleanroom conditions to produce flawless, extremely homogeneous films of uniform thickness. Starting at just 20μm (0.02mm), these films are highly elastic, with low modulus, high specific resistivity and high dielectric strength. They are chemically inert and resistant to oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet (UV) radiation whilst being highly permeable to gas and water vapour.
Silex ultra thin film performs at temperatures of -45°C to +200°C and is an ideal dielectric medium in applications such as actuator technology, generator technology or sensor technology. This film can also be used in food packaging, technical textiles and multiple industrial applications. It can be die-cut or laser cut and bonded with silicone adhesive.

Available as a sheet (250mm x 250mm), or a minimum of 1 meter length.




SILPURAN® Film 2030 250/xxx is a high-precision silicone film made from cross-linked silicone rubber. The film shows a maximum thickness variation across the total width less than ±5%. The precision allows a constant electrical resistance and good comparative tracking resistance across a broad range of temperatures.
The width is 250 mm and thickness is given in μm (xxx). xxx stands for

  • 20 μm
  • 50 μm
  • 100 μm
  • 200 μm
  • 300 μm
  • 400 μm

SILPURAN® Film has got the outstanding mechanical and physical properties of platinum cured silicone.

  • High and selectively gas and water vapor permeable
  • High temperature resistant and low temperature flexible
  • High dielectric strength combined with a high specific resistivity
  • Transparent
  • Constant mechanical and electrical properties over a wide range of temperatures and operating time
  • Solvent free
Property Condition Value Method
Dielectric strength - 80 - 100 kV/mm -
Volume resistivity - 10¹⁴ Ohmcm IEC 60093
Hardness Shore A - 27° DIN ISO 48-4
Tensile strength - 6.0 N/mm² ISO 37 type 1
Elongation at break - 450 % ISO 37 type 1
Compression Set 22 h | 100 °C 5 % DIN ISO 815-1 type B method A
Gas permeability (selectively) - CO₂/N₂ = 10:1  DIN 53536
Water vapor permeability 24 h | 20 µm 3000 g/m² JIS 1099 A1
Water vapor permeability 24 h | 50 µm 1200 g/m² JIS 1099 A1
Water vapor permeability 24 h | 100 µm 800 g/m² JIS 1099 A1
Glass transition temperature - -126 °C -
Operating temperature - -45 - 150 °C -
Tear strength - 10 N/mm ASTM D 624 B


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0.02mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm

Length (mtrs)

1, 250×250


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