Silicone... what exactly is it?

We'd like to answer the question of 'What is Silicone'?

Silicone is a high-performance elastomer or rubber, with an unusual combination of properties. This combination of properties range from high-temperature performance, durability, electrical insulation as well as transparency and much more. Read on…


SILICONE: Let us explain

At Silex we provide Silicone to companies throughout the World. It's our specialism.

silicone clear product

Once you start looking you will notice silicone is everywhere.

It’s a material that stands the test of time; Silex pride themselves on manufacturing quality silicone products including Solid TubingSilicone O Rings and even Silicone sponges

Silicone is a synthetic polymer, a polymer is a material made of repeating sub units. In the case of silicone these subunits are made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and silicon. Silicon is a natural element found in sand – not to be confused with silicone!

Silicone is favoured because of it’s excellent heat resistance, flexibility and longevity. Easily pigmented, Silicone is used to create variety of items used for aesthetic applications such as car vacuum hose.

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We Are Silicone Experts

Based in Hampshire, UK

Manufacturing Silicone products used worldwide

Silex have been manufacturing silicone since 1985 and provide silicone to all industries in a range of applications. Bespoke silicone extrusions are provided to a wide range of industries including aerospace, rail, and diary.

Sheet Silicone products are used to manufacture gaskets; due to its extreme anti-vibration qualities silicone gaskets are favoured by the automotive industry and use in electrical components.

Worldwide Approach

The food and beverage industry benefit from food grade and metal detectable silicone products to ensure food compliance throughout their production lines.

Silex manufacture silicone items for many key companies in this industry including fabricated frames and seals.


Silicone can be moulded through compression, casting or injection capabilities. Silex silicone mouldings are used for various industries including the medical sector

We produce these products here in the UK, as well as in Germany at MVQ Silicone.