Art, Fashion & Interior Design

Silex silicones have been used in a variety of fashion and art related projects. We have supplied Artist Ron Arad with the Silicone Cord for his “Curtain Call” in the Roundhouse Theatre in London. We have used our special Platinum Silicone grade to reduce any yellowing effects in order to secure a long lasting, beautiful installation.

Besides Ron Arads Installation, we have also supplied Silicone Curtains around the world for example for the Detroit Motorshow Ford Exhibition.


Our Platinum grade Jewellery Cords can be used for skin contact applications, they are highly flexible and robust and can serve as silicone bracelets or chains.

Silicones have a very smooth texture and touch and with the right ideas they can be used for a variety of Art and Design applications.

Please contact us with your requirements and Ideas and we will be happy to support you.

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