How to Buy


Silex holds a vast range of silicone rubber products in stock, which can be shipped in just a few days. Many of these products can also have adhesive backing added with a slightly adjusted lead time, or can be fabricated into O-Rings, Seals or Gaskets, integrated with additional parts (like valves) to your specification.

Products that are not held in stock can be manufactured to your exact requirements, in one of a huge number of material grades, hardnesses or densities.

If you cannot find the product you require in our shop, or would like to place a larger order, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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Selecting the Right Shore Hardness or Density

Silicone rubber products are available in a range of shore hardnesses (for solid products) or densities (sponges and foams), which will impact their behaviour and malleability. If you’re not sure which shore hardness or density is required, you can post a sample to our technical team along with your contact details your enquiry, or you can follow this guide.


Technical Drawings

If you have a technical drawing already available, please send this along with your enquiry and we will be able to match it to one of our existing dies, or advise on tooling if we do not already have one suitable.

If you do not have a technical drawing available, we have a team of CAD engineers who can produce these either from your sample or to your specification. If you would like us to quote from a sample, please send it with your contact and details of your requirements.



If we do not already have suitable tooling available, we can produce this in-house. Extrusion dies and punches are typically fast and inexpensive to produce, and ensure a high-quality finish. You can browse our range of existing dies here.

If you already own your own tooling, we may be able to use this. However, please note that we reserve the right to reject tooling provided to us if we deem it unsuitable or incompatible with our machinery.



Silex and MVQ’s fabrication department has an extensive range of cutting machinery for gaskets cut from solid and sponge sheet and cutting tubing into washers and sleeves with excellent tolerances.

We also manufacture joined seals from extruded sections and cords, together with a variety of special fabrications and assemblies, sometimes incorporating non-silicone items.


PSA Backing

Most products can have pressure-sensitive adhesive backing added at an additional cost, with special high-temperature grades available for applications where the product will be exposed to temperatures up to 200°C.