Silicone Hose Products

When the size range required exceeds the possibilities of extruded products or when wire reinforcement is required for vacuum applications, mandrel-built hoses can be a great alternative. Hoses of up to 300mm diameter can be produced, including platinum cured grades for pharmaceutical applications, peroxide cured coloured hoses for coolant, and various flame retardant and industrial grades for technical applications, including fluorosilicone lined hoses suitable for use with volatile fuels.

Along with our large tube range, Silex stocks a selection of braided and reinforced hoses suitable for vacuum or pressure applications and our large coolant hose offering not only includes straight lengths and reducers but a range of elbows and straight connectors.

Coolant hose

Hose Categories

  • Can be reinforced with a range of fibres, yarns and wires
  • Perform at high and low temperatures.
  • Resistant to Ozone, UV light and weathering in general
  • Wide range of bore sizes available
  • Can meet FDA, BFR, EN1935/2004 and even USP Class VI

Silex silicone hoses are particularly popular in automotive and industrial applications. Applications include:

  • Dialysis machines
  • Coolant pipes
  • Suction and filling hoses
  • Hot water and steam cooking hoses
  • Food and beverage transport
  • Permeable fermentation pipes
  • Compressed air pipes

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