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Silicone Adhesives

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From £9.42 Exc VAT

Silex offers a variety of Sealants and Adhesives. From High Temperature grades, to FDA grades and even Fluorosilicone adhesives, there is a solution for everything:

Please see the datasheet section for a detailed view on the range of capabilities.



  • E41 – General Purpose Silicone Adhesive
  • E43N – General Purpose FDA Silicones Adhesive
  • RTV732 – General Purpose Adhesive
  • RTV734 – Flowable Sealant
  • RTV736 – High temperature Silicones Adhesive

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100ml, 25ml, 90ml


PR-1200 Primer, RTV 732, RTV 734, RTV 736, Wacker E41, Wacker E43N


Black, Red Oxide, Translucent, White