UV Resistance

UV Resistance

The clocks go forward on the 31st March 2024, marking the true start of spring. With warmer weather and longer daylight hours ahead, make sure you’ve got the right materials for your outdoor projects.
Silicone rubber is an ideal material, as it is highly UV, ozone and weather resistant; attributes that have arisen from its molecular structure. Silicone is made up of chains of repeating silicon-oxygen bonds (Si-O), which are highly stable, lending itself to many of silicone’s unique characteristics.

Other inferior materials break down when subject to UV radiation. This is because of their carbon bond content, which degrades easily. Although silicone contains SOME carbon, the percentage is much less than its Si-O backbone. UV rays do not possess enough energy to split the Si-O bonds. This means that silicone can retain both its physical and chemical properties, even with prolonged exposure to radiation. This low carbon content lends itself to silicone having excellent temperature resistance. When heated, carbon will either melt or combust, whereas silicon and oxygen have very low thermal conductivity meaning, they do not transfer heat energy very quickly. This allows silicone to maintain its chemical structure and remain thermally stable. Silicone can be subjected to temperatures of up to 270° consistently with no troubles and can even withstand temperatures up to 300° intermittently.

What’s more, silicone also has a very low absorption rate. When submerged in water for long periods of time, water absorption remains at about 1%, which has virtually no effect on the mechanical properties of silicone. This means that even the heaviest of downpours are no match for silicone, and it can even put up against sleet and snow with its resilience against temperatures down to -60°.

With all this to offer, silicone is the perfect material for outdoor use. From door seals to electric box covers, silicone will protect your projects for years to come, reducing the need to replace components.
If you have a project in mind or a bespoke request, contact us today for advice on how we can produce to your exact requirements!

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