Ingress Protection Ratings

Ingress Protection Ratings

To protect electronic equipment from water or dust that may cause malfunction or deterioration, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) developed an ingress protection rating system. The system grades the resistance of materials against dust or liquid intrusion, the higher the numbers, the less passable the material.
IP Codes are made up of two letters and two numbers. The letters will always be ‘IP’, which stands for ‘Ingress Protection’. The first digit of the code represents the resistance to solids, and the second digit is resistance to water. Some codes may even have additional letters after them, which are optional supplementary letters representing properties such as oil resistance or weather protection.
See the table below for the standard resistance ratings:

Products such as our SIL range are closed cell sponges, with an IP rating of IP65. This means they are dust tight and can protect from water jets from any angle. This makes our cord and sheeting ideal for sealing applications such as in electric vehicle charging systems, where road debris and weather conditions are a daily contender.

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To learn more about the IEC and their IP Rating system, take a look at their website:

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