Peroxide Cured Tubing

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Peroxide Cured Tubing

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From £121.90 Exc VAT

Silex peroxide cured silicone rubber tubing is stocked in translucent Shore A hardness with inner diameters from 30-60mm as standard, but can be produced in almost any size or colour, in a wide range of hardnesses. 

Peroxide cured tubing offers a most cost-efficient alternative to platinum cured tubing; however the peroxide curing process produces by-products that make it unsuitable for some applications. Check with our Sales Team for more Info.



  • FDA § 177.2600 compliant
  • BfR XV “Silicones” Compliant
  • Compliant to 1935/2004
  • Usable in Dairy, Sanitary or Industrial Applications


Property Condition Curing Agent E Curing Agent C1 Method
Appearance - transparent  transparent  -
Hardness Shore A - 60° ± 5 60° ± 5 DIN ISO 48-4
Density - 1.15 g/cm³ 1.15 g/cm³ DIN EN ISO 1183-1 A
Tensile strength - 11.0 N/mm² 11.0 N/mm² ISO 37 type 1
Elongation at break - 440 % 530 % ISO 37 type 1
Tear strength - 24 N/mm 26 N/mm ASTM D 624 B
Compression Set[1] 22 h | 175 °C 31 % 16 % -
Rebound resilience - 59 % 56 % ISO 4662


Cure conditions (post-cured 4 h / 200 °C):
1.5 % ELASTOSIL® AUX Crosslinker E (50% paste of bis-(2,4-dichlorobenzoyl)-peroxide in silicone fluid); 10 min / 135°C in press
0.7 % ELASTOSIL® AUX Crosslinker C1 (Dicumylperoxide); 15 min /165 °C in press

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Size (ID x OD)

30.0mm x 38.0mm, 30.0mm x 40.0mm, 30.0mm x 36.0mm, 32.0mm x 40.0mm, 32.0mm x 38.0mm, 32.0mm x 42.0mm, 35.0mm x 41.0mm, 35.0mm x 43.0mm, 35.0mm x 45.0mm, 38.0mm x 48.0mm, 38.0mm x 44.0mm, 38.0mm x 46.0mm, 40.0mm x 46.0mm, 40.0mm x 50.0mm, 40.0mm x 48.0mm, 45.0mm x 53.0mm, 45.0mm x 51.0mm, 45.0mm x 55.0mm, 50.0mm x 56.0mm, 50.0mm x 60.0mm, 50.0mm x 58.0mm, 60.0mm x 68.0mm, 60.0mm x 66.0mm, 60.0mm x 70.0mm

Length (mtrs)

5, 10


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