High Temperature Silicone Sheet

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High Temperature Silicone Sheet

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From £49.23 Exc VAT

High temperature silicone rubber sheet, 60° shore A hardness. For applications requiring the typical properties of silicone, but with high heat resistance, Silex THT is ideal. Capable of withstanding many hours at 270°C and 300°C intermittently, this sheet is a great choice for extreme conditions.

Fully compliant to FDA 177.2600 and EC 1935/2004, Silex THT silicone sheets are suitable for applications requiring direct food contact.

Designers and engineers are reminded that silicone requires the presence of oxygen in order to perform at such extreme temperatures, the absence of which will result in reversion and deteriorate at a much lower temperature. Using silicone at the extremes of its capabilities will naturally limit the life of the product through heat ageing and application performance can vary depending on the stresses applied at the time.

Supplied in 1m x 1m square sheets. Hardnesses from 40° to 70° Shore A and a range of colours are also available on request.

This product is available for PSA backing. Please contact our Sales team so they can advise you on your options.



Property Units Typical Value Typical Value Typical Value Typical Value Test Method
  Hardness  Shore A ±5 40° 50° 60° 70° ASTM D2240 DIN ISO 7619-1
Tensile Strength Mpa (PSI) 7 1015 8 1160 9 1305 10 1450 ISO 37 type 1 ASTM D412 die C DIN 53504 type S1
Elongation to Failure % 600 400 350 350 ISO 37 type 1 ASTM D412 die C DIN 53504 type S1
 Tear Strength   N/mm (lb./in.) 15 86 18 102 22 125 19 109 ASTM D624 die B
Compression set 24 hrs @ 150°C % 13 11 11 10 BS 903 pt A6 type B DIN/ISO 815 type B
Compression set 22 hrs @ 300°C   % 13 10 10 10 ASTM D395 method B type 2

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Red Oxide, White


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